Private Yoga

Yoga is an eight-limbed ethical, spiritual, and energetic path that seeks to guide it’s practitioners to a place of self awareness and universal awareness, with the ultimate goal of peace and harmonious living with the Divine. Yoga defines the Divine as an abstract concept which can take on a different meaning for each practitioner. In this way, Yoga truly is for everyone.

A Private Yoga Session can be an invaluable addition to any yoga practice. Beginner’s can take advantage of 1 on 1 attention to their alignment to ensure good habits are being developed before entering a group class setting, and those working with injuries can take their yoga practice at their own pace. More seasoned practitioners may want to work on specific poses not offered in local classes. All levels can benefit from an individualized introduction to the Eight-Limbed Path that Yoga outlines. Any combination of these offerings can be combined to create a yoga experience that is just right for you!