Lindsey Granger


I am a Challenger

I am not intersted in how things are usually done, I’m interested in how they can be done with the highest degree of efficiency and success. I’m not interested in basing my worth on my age, certifications, or how professional my website looks – my worth is based on the service I provide, and the results my clients observe.

I am also here to challenge what my clients believe they are capable of. I don’t let anyone coast – we’re gonna soar, together!

I am a Truth-seeker

Truth is clean. Truth is not based on assumption. Truth can’t be taken personally. Truth is not based in fear. For all that Truth can offer us, most of us fear Truth most of all. We are much more comfortable living in opinion, and feeling, and desire, hiding behind made up obstacles and imaginary shortcomings for cause not to be our highest-functioning self.

I am a Problem Solver

I hate excuses, and I love to solve problems in unconventional ways. No ice cube tray? Freeze water at the bottom of a glass.  I am not a wallower. When I identify a problem, whether personal or professional, I don’t rest until it’s solved.

I am a Champion of The Underestimated

Nothing makes my blood boil more than watching intelligent, capable, kind people be passed over for opportunities because someone louder demanded the attention of an important person.

I am a Fierce Protecter

My favorite expression of this is when I protect people from their own negative self talk. I also don’t stand for manipulation, which harkens back to my demand to live in truth

I Love Hard

Hello, nice to meet you, I love you. I will cheer you on and support you in all your endeavors. I also welcome your love into my life.

I am a Whole Person

There are things about me that people love, there are things about me people don’t love. Approve, disapprove. I will come to you whole and I hope you will take me the same way.

I am passionate about pain relief and injury prevention. I practice Thai Bodywork to share my knowledge of body alignment and bring bodies to their peak performance.

I have 10 years of experience with bodies and how they move. As a trained dancer, I have explored how bodies are meant to move and how that movement can create freedom. I have formal training as a Yoga instructor, having completed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training offered by Yoga of Energy Flow. My yoga resume includes positions all over North East Massachusetts, including the boutique fitness studio StudioU and pop up yoga program Sangha Yoga Collective. After completing several trainings in the US with various instructors, I traveled to Thailand in the summer of 2016 to complete a Thai Massage Training in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As the owner of Lindsey Granger Healing Arts, LLC I combine this information to provide Thai Massage and Private Yoga that are tailored to each client’s specific needs.